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Shari RhodesMy name is Shari Rhodes. I have been intuitive reading professionally for more than thirty years. With a background in psychology and emotional release work, I have been sensing since I was a child and have developed a system of clarifying unresolved childhood issues, patterns and wounds and how they play out in adult life and create limited self perceptions. 

I support couples finding their way back to each other, connecting in the heart and taking responsibility for personal hurts. I offer exercises and mediate communication conflicts so they can relate to one another more authentically, honestly and with compassion.

I scan the body and current treatment modalities and their effectiveness, as well as suggest alternative healing options. I also clarify life changes, aptitudes and direction empowering individuals to go for their dreams and live the life they choose from the heart.  I stand for their deeper visions and encourage self trust, self confidence and greater risk taking in the world.

I consider myself an issues reader and look at key emotional blocks that keep people from moving forward in their lives. Often I will look at the evolutionary life lineage (past lives) and address key wounds that have been replayed through different characters and plots that are trying to be healed and released on their karmic contract. I feel all wounds are stored on a cellular, DNA and molecular, structural and visceral organ level in the body. Until the story is cleared and completed on a cellular level, I feel the old wounds will continue to be played out like a repetitive tape recorder until the issue is plucked out at the root. This is why I don't feel
that the cognitive or analytical approach is enough to create permanent change. As long as the body carries
the genetic imprint of a family, ancestral or personal karmic wound or pattern, the same old story will play out repeatedly with new circumstances and characters.

It is also important that people understand that I do not predict the future. I feel it is the person's
responsibility to follow their own free will and make their own choices

"Thank you for today.
My time with you was a very healing and life changing experience.
I cried happy tears all the way home and a monarch butterfly which you brought up in the
reading flew across my windscreen, which had me in more happy tears!
You have given me an amazing gift and I will always treasure this experience.

You are a very caring and special person and it has been a privilege to meet you.

Love and blessings
Sarah Thompson
Primary school teacher

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