Sometimes life involves Suffering.
Whether an experience is painful, neutral or
It presents suffering because life is transient.
Eventually everything falls away or dies.
When we form an attachment to something
external, inevitably it will change.
Life is an elusive hologram.
Nothing stays the same.

Happiness is detachment, accepting things
as they are rather than expecting them to be what
we want them to be.

Holding the focus solid at the core, mindful in
each moment to our inner beingness,
We can tread lightly on life’s path with a kind,
humble and compassionate heart.

Breathing in life fully awake.
Witnessing the game
But not losing ourselves in the game,
Flowing with the tide of emotions
Without being consumed,
Letting go again and again
Coming back to centre,
Trusting the soul is over seen by the divine plan
And we are never alone.

Shari Rhodes
Robert Newby



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Shari Rhodes has been an international Intuitive Reader for the past 30 years. She is currently a citizen of both the United States and New Zealand. Shari’s purpose is to support people to grow and move forward in a positive direction with greater clarity, self-empowerment and self-confidence. She offers readings, workshops and public talks. She is available for sessions in person or over the phone at (027) 6295469 You can email Shari at home@sharirhodes.com,, or visit her website at www.intuitivereadings.co.nz

Robert Newby is a Medical Herbalist, Naturopath and Clinical Iridologist. He has managed his own busy practice for the past 18 years, Titirangi Natural Health Clinic & Herbal Dispensary. Email: robertnewby@xtra.co.nz