by Shari Rhodes

Life challenges us on a daily basis.  We have bills to pay, kids to feed, health concerns and domestic responsibilities to attend too.  The list of tasks seems endless.  With the economic recession, many of us are challenged to simply cover our expenses and emotionally survive.  We feel over loaded and forget about our own needs.  Sometimes we lose perspective and get lost in the daily grind.  We see our life picture as real and the only basis of our perceived reality.  We get angry and frustrated and wonder why there is not more than this. Many of us don’t know how to change, so we don’t. We remain in the endless loop of monotonous task, and wonder why we don’t feel filled up inside, that somehow life is never enough.  We don’t have time. We can’t figure it out.  Life is too stressful.  So why bother? However we need to see beyond the disillusioned exterior and recognize our true self that can never be bitter or jaded.

 This is where we are challenged to go deeper, penetrating the hologram of external events, so we can view our life story from a larger perspective. To witness from a deeper “I” that penetrates the game we are playing out in the world. True nourishment can never be met through the physical trappings of life. We may seek fulfillment or distraction with relationships, work, money, expensive toys, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, vacations etc. Sometimes these things may temporarily fill the void, but on a deeper level the hunger remains the same. 

I think each of us consciously or unconsciously yearns for a deeper connection within. Nourishment is an inside job.  External trappings can never fill that deeper need inside ourselves to feel connected, tuned in and nourished.  It is important to recognize physical events as simply a game, an illusive hologram that does not define who we are on a soul level. Our experiences and relationships simply serve to help us gain self-awareness.  Life experiences are choreographed to help us develop and grow as a person.  Before embodiment, I think we individually set up situations and relationships that challenge us to karmically clean up unresolved hurts and to complete unfinished business.  People are positioned to play out specific dynamics to stimulate an emotional reaction. This enables us to reflect back about ourselves in order to reconcile and integrate old issues and wounds.  We carry seed memory in our DNA, Organs, tissues and on a subatomic level everything that is unresolved.  These incomplete emotional issues, traumas and wounds are carried over life times and are stored in our energy field and physical body. The physical form is the canvass revealing the story of our evolutional history.  The earth life is about reconciling these disparate aspects of ourselves in order to become more integrated and whole. By going through our daily experiences with conscious awareness, we gain insight into our fundamental nature, our patterns and have the opportunity to make constructive choices to grow and change. We become more present in our relationships by holding connection to our inner self. By choosing to be conscious, we play our game on a different level.  We have the opportunity to break the repetitive cycling of old dysfunctional relationship dynamics and make a different choice from a higher self-awareness.  We are taking responsibility to work through our issues in order to move forward in soul development.

 By standing back and observing our relationships and perceptions outside ourselves, we gain a deeper sense of who we are beyond the physical game.  We gain a broader perspective as the “non object identified witness.”  Through self-contemplation, we can gain access to all the dimensions beyond the physical. Our internal compass expands and we gain a larger view of ourselves beyond the physical form.  The lines between the physical world and the transcendent realms become more translucent.  Our inner life experience becomes richer and more expansive.  We recognize ourselves beyond the human.  We can then assume a detached point of view and see things more in perspective, knowing that who we are as a soul is much bigger than what we are playing out here as a human. We can stand back and recognize ourselves beyond our social roles and physical image.

 From the broader point of view, we can also stand back and reflect on our experiences. We can examine our reactions, motives and viewpoints through the mirror of our experiences. We can ask ourselves what is this experience showing me about myself?  Why do I have this reaction to this person? What do I need to resolve?  What do I really want?  How do I wish to express myself?  Is my life experience reflective of who I authentically am?  What about myself do I need to change?  By asking ourselves these internal questions, we have the opportunity to grow and expand beyond “blind identification” with our life experiences.  We can become more than our social persona and how others perceive us. Through the deeper perspective of ourselves, we can make choice points based on greater self-knowledge and understanding.

In the busyness of our everyday lives, many of us forget to take time out for ourselves and have some fun.  It is our choice to create space in our day, even for just a few moments to catch our breath, contemplate and play.  Often we think we are too busy with our responsibilities to stop and take a break. But it is our mental health we are talking about. Life becomes much more burdensome when we feel exhausted and have nothing left to give. It is important to step back, take time out to replenish our empty stores, so we can be more fully present for others.  Often we feel angry and resentful when our life is simply about giving out without getting anything back for ourselves. It is our choice to take a break and nurture ourselves, even for just a few moments soaking in a hot lavender bath or having a glass of wine in front of the fire, walking on the beach or going out to dinner with a partner or friend.  Life gains meaning when we can step back and embrace the simple pleasures of being in the moment, taking time to notice a beautiful sunset or the sound of the sea.  Life becomes more precious when we notice these beautiful moments and breath life into them. It is these moments that keep us going. These experiences break up the monotony of the day and give us the chance to reconnect with ourselves and those we care about.

 Being conscious and present is about being aware of ourselves each moment. It’s about tuning into ourselves during our daily experience. It’s not about going on autopilot simply to get our task done. This becomes apparent, especially when driving a car. For instance, it is easy to forget how we somehow drove from point A to point B without remembering how we got there. I think we have many of these moments during the day when we tune out and mechanically go through the motions of getting things done. However when we forget about ourselves, we lose the internal connection. Awareness is about consciously staying present to our internal state while we are inside our bodies. It’s about holding self-awareness while the body is in operation. It is not about relying on the social persona or going through the motions, but rather holding the internal focus and staying centered in self.

It is about being aware of what you are doing, of your actions and reactions to people and places.  It’s about paying attention to the signs. Questions you can ask yourself include: are you living in the right place and hanging out with people that uplift you, that can hold your energy?  Do you feel inspired?  What is your creative outlet?  How are you expressing yourself?  What are your core beliefs and are they serving you?  What are you doing to nurture yourself? Are you connected?

When did you last dance and laugh at yourself?




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