By Shari Rhodes

Sometimes life pushes us to the wall.  Challenges hit from every angle.  With the global recession, many of us worry about paying the mortgage, putting food on the table and covering bills.  Unemployment is at an all time high 10% in America and almost 7% in New Zealand.  The lower and middle classes are being hit the hardest.  A lot of us are feeling the pressure.  However the stress doesn’t stop there. We have other concerns such as health or relationship challenges or the frustration of doing life alone.  We are worry about our families, the economy, and the stresses of managing every day life.  Many of us feel overwhelmed.  The issues start stock piling and there seems to be no way out.  The frustration and pressure is becoming so intense, some people are internalizing the stress, often getting sick, while others are reaching out to (the counselor, doctor, teacher, hair dresser, accountant, priest, anyone who will listen). People in many professions are assuming the counselor role.  It is easy to feel bitter and disillusioned when life isn’t going our way.  We wonder what is the point.  Where is my control when the challenges are rolling on top of each other?

Maybe that is the point.  We don’t have control over the big stuff that happens.  A family member gets sick, has an accident, is made redundant, the car breaks down, a child acts out or it all is happening at once!  Sometimes life just happens.  It is only life after all.  The self - determinist says we can control our manifestations with positive thought and intentions. If only we can hold the focus, aim for concrete goals, be a good person, then we can materialize our pictures of intention. However sometimes this is not so.  Life happens anyway. Often we are the recipients of catastrophic events. We cannot control when someone close to us dies, a company shuts down and we lose our job and the mortgage can’t be paid.  Often we are at the receiving end and have to somehow deal with our hand. 

I believe the important experiences in our lives are choreographed or predestined to occur to serve our learning and soul growth.  There are no accidents with whom we choose to have primary relationships with.  Imprinted on our soul contract, we design the material we want to work on for soul development or with who we have unfinished business with.  However we are all impacted by what is happening in the world.  There is an amp up and acceleration of energetic frequency and pattern on the planet.  We are all influenced by each other.  We are collectively mirroring each other’s pain.  As we experience others around us, our own emotional issues surface.  There is an energetic link that activates our unconscious material.  This not only occurs by discussing concerns, but through unconscious intuitive activation as well. The collective velocity is pushing us to reconcile with ourselves and move forward whether we want to or not.  We need to move or the circumstances of life will push us. Nobody is immune.  As the planet is shedding old skin, expressing and releasing energy through natural disasters, economic, militaristic and political events, so too are we being challenged to release old densities on an emotional, cellular and physical level.  It’s the “microcosmic reaction to the macrocosmic flutter”.  We have to release worn out belief systems, childhood traumas and emotional patterns that no longer serve us being our authentic selves. Many of us are being pushed to our limit and feeling stressed out most of the time.  We feel overwhelmed and can’t cope.  Many people say that the challenges are coming harder and faster. It is a challenge to hold perspective and keep it all together.  The issue becomes how to maintain perspective when life is spiraling out of control. It is easy to become bitter and broken. We ask ourselves, what is the point? Why are these challenges happening?  Why can’t I have what I want? Where is my significant relationship or what is the problem with the relationship I am in?  Why can’t I cope or be happy?  Many of us fall into the void, “the existential angst” or the pit of despair asking what is the fundamental meaning of life?  How do I nourish my spirit when everything has gone awry and I don’t know how to fix it?  It is easy to become a victim of despair and succumb to various escape routes of addiction, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, sugar and other self-sabotaging strategies to get by. The challenge becomes what to do? That is the eternal question. What do I do when life doesn’t make sense and I am pushed to the limit?

I believe everything on the planet is trying to shift and move forward.  We are breaking out into a new paradigm of consciousness.  Old patterns and ways of thinking are breaking up.  Structures are falling to the ground.  We can no longer feign ignorance and hold onto old ways of thinking or doing things. We are being asked to grow and expand beyond who we think we are.  If we were complacent in our comfort zones with our security structures in place, we wouldn’t need to move. We would stay the same. If not pushed, how would we grow?  Many of us are not willing to face our emotional issues, and the “shadow lands” of our soul. We are not quick to take responsibility for our choices and how they impact others. It is easy to blame and externalize our issues.  By having our structures challenged, we are pushed to take a hard look at ourselves. It is not easy.  It is painful and uncomfortable in fact.  But necessary if we are to become a more conscious person.

We have a choice. We can either fight the current or we can choose to roll with the punches.  We can choose to beat up on life and ourselves or we can take a detached point of view and accept life for what it is.  It’s about trust and letting go.  We can choose to not take the game of life so personally.  We can examine our preconceived pictures of what we thought life was supposed to be.  We don’t have to hold onto our expectations so tight.  We can ask ourselves why these external things are so important to our happiness.  And look deeper inside ourselves for our fulfillment? Because after all isn’t nourishment an inside job anyway?

Our core self transcends the illusive hologram of life.  Our experiences are images for us to reflect on in order to learn about ourselves. We can gleam insight about our reactions by observing ourselves with others.  We can gain self-awareness by stepping back from the game and noticing our way to doing things.  Maybe life isn’t about the experience, but rather who we are in the experience.  Maybe it’s about observing how the soul moves through life, rather than placing the importance on how much we can achieve or what’s missing from our pictures.  Perhaps life isn’t so much about our personal comfort as it is about the evolution of the soul and a deeper awakening within.

Beyond the game and the personified image of self, who are we then?  If we were stripped bare, can we stand strong at our centre with nothing external to define us?  And if so, would that be ok?  Would we be ok? Maybe that is the rub.  Perhaps we are being asked to go deeper inside ourselves for the fulfillment, recognizing the game as the learning tool that takes us there.  We are simply the witness of the game and are strengthening our core essence through these exercises and test. Maybe we are being challenged to go deeper, to let go of the shoulds, comparisons and expectations and simply be.

Life is not going to conform to what we think it should be. Somewhere along the way, life will disappoint us.  We will not get what we want. It won’t seem fair. But who said that Life is supposed to be fair?  That is the issue. We think life should be the perfect partner and do what we tell it to do. But who said those are the rules of the game. As we get older, I think we get a bit more realistic about what life is.  We seem to not buy into the fantasy pictures as much. Some of us get hardened.  But is that such a bad thing?  Maybe it is about maturity and wizening up to the bigger picture and making choices that inspire us.  It’s about making the most of the moment and appreciating the pleasant surprises when they do come.  It’s in the letting go, living each moment as it comes.   We need to let ourselves to be and our emotions to be what they are.  Get out of the way and know we are good enough.  Its time to be gentle on each other and ourselves and to forgive life   for what it is.  Maybe at the end of the day, it’s about acceptance and knowing that there will be many beautiful moments interspersed in the challenges and that is ok.  After all life is simply what it is.


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