by Shari Rhodes

There is no such thing as death or the demise of consciousness into oblivion. The spirit simply changes form from one dimension to the next.  On the earth plane, the “individualized life stream”, which is the soul, takes on a host garment.  The life stream itself is a composite of light particles that streamline, free form, throughout the galaxy.  Beyond form, the soul essence is seamless and formless.  All outward appearances are simply a  “hologram” containing the soul.  These physical bodies are crafted to match the vibrational frequency of the earth plane and other humans in order to work through life lesson.  The basic structure looks the same so people can feel comfortable relating to each other. The body enables the soul to function here.  “We are a floating spirit housed within a capsule of our choosing.” 

 Each person is on an evolutionary journey of self-discovery, learning and growth. All souls choreograph a human experience to work through specific lessons designed on their “soul contract” before birth. Each person works through different human configurations or experiences to learn about itself and the universal principles of life.  Throughout its evolution, the soul travels through a “maze of maps” charting its evolutionary progress working through specific lessons for soul growth.  After the completion of an embodiment on earth, the soul will transition back home.  Many people who have had out of body experiences have claimed to see the light and have met messengers who have accompanied them home. Some say they experienced a lightness of being outside their form.  Many have been able to look down on their body from another place in the room.  Others say they felt a sense of profound peace or euphoria experiencing the beauty of their true essence. Some souls may fear or resist this, but for others this can be a moment of grace and a profound recognition of self. 

As the soul moves beyond the veil separating the physical world from the outer dimensions, sometimes-deceased old friends or family from this lifetime will meet the soul.  Guides, angels or gatekeepers who have guided the soul during the earth journey can also assist in the transition. No one transitions alone.  A soul will be transported to another frequency band or dimensional field of existence to match his current level of consciousness or vibrational frequency. He will be reunited with old friends he has had past lives with and there will be a huge celebration honoring his journey here on the earth plane.

Following transition, some souls will co-create a hologram with their guides based on their imagination of the after life.  This can last for some time until the soul is ready to re-embody or to understand its true mission. Each person is different is his perception. A hologram with be formed representing his new form in the afterlife.  The frequency of his new world will match his current level of awareness outside the earth form.  For example, if the person has a perception of heaven in the biblical sense, he may experience the “hologram of the after life” as this pristine setting with angels playing harps and God in the form of an old man as the master creator. If a soul perceives the afterlife as a battlefield than that is what he will experience.   If the soul views the afterlife as another frame of this physical world, he will create a re-enactment of his earth game until he sees other wise.  Whatever the person imagines, the hologram becomes.  The question then becomes “Is the hologram real?”  It is up to the soul to decide.

Souls have different interest and points of focus.  There is a certain level of choice here from a “master index” for suitable “holding areas.”  A soul has to be placed somewhere or he would feel aimless and lost in the universe.  Each soul needs a “containment field” that holds him.  The pictures continue even after death because souls need to feel placed with a sense of belonging, connection and group identity.  It is complex.  But a certain level of mastery has to be achieved before a soul can comfortably sustain without external frames. Once a soul recognizes his true essence and achieves a certain level of mastery, he transcends the requirement to fit into a contained form to define him self. He then has clearance to move into his true place of being where ever he fits.

On the outer dimensional planes, the vibratory rate oscillates more quickly; therefore material form is less dense.  The membrane of the hologram becomes permeable which makes materialization of thought more rapid.   It becomes possible to shape shift and transmutate objects, shifting form with thought.  The soul can become a conscious traveler or conduit of energy reconfigurating his external pictures on command or visiting places physically as he travels in his mind.  There is a certain level of clearance to do this. But many on the outer and inner planes are able move, time- shift and change more readily than the physical structure allows on earth.  There are several levels of consciousness and frequency bands of existence in the cosmos. Mostly the soul will be housed with other souls that match his current level of awareness and vibational pattern.  As the soul develops, he has the opportunity to move to another level of frequency that coincides with his development.  Each soul is placed exactly where his current level of soul growth and evolution are. ”The consciousness at the point of death is critical as it points to where the soul is directed in the after life”.

Following a rest period, the soul is accompanied with his guides who helped design his earth program or lesson plan while embodied on the earth plane.  Together they travel along the “Maze of Maps” charting the evolutionary course of the soul.  They review all life experiences, events and relationships while embodied including the choices made and the outcomes.  The souls are able to jump time frames and landscapes to get a larger view.  These life images chart the composite evolutional history, past, present and future, of simultaneous embodiments along the galaxy of that individual soul. The soul then has the opportunity to review his choice points and examine how he chose to play the game of lesson and test.  During cross-examination under the supervision of his over seers who supported him on his journey, the person evaluates his choices.  There is no right or wrong, simply observing the interactive behavior with others.  Each person plays out a myriad of experiences to know itself in different ways. Even though significant life experiences and relationships are predestined and choreographed for learning, the soul has choice in terms of how these events are played out.  Within the human design, he has free will.

I think there are a multitude of multi-dimensional play outs occurring simultaneously on many planetary systems beyond the earth plane. The soul expresses itself in divergent caricatures occurring simultaneously on different dimensions.  Only a faction of our true essence is currently embodied here.  Time is a non-linear, circular pattern of simultaneous images. The journey of the soul is multiplicitious.  Even in dream state, part of the soul is journeying elsewhere.  A golden chord connects the soul to the physical body. However I think the soul travels and can sub divide to express itself in different parts of the galaxy beyond what we can readily understand.   Nothing is fixed in one solid image.  Throughout the universe, there are many planetary systems and life forms.  We are not allowed to remember these divergent play outs because it would interfere with our earth plan on this karmic round even though the information is stored in the structural DNA in the body.  We need to do our lesson plan for this life.  However some information can be accessed if there is clearance from our over seers to do so. 

 We all take turns playing different parts such as being rich or poor, healthy or sick, or the villain or the saint.  There is no right or wrong, simply karmic play outs to reflect back to the soul. The point of the evolutional pilgrimage is to examine all sides of the human spectrum in order to evolve in self-understanding.  Humility comes from true compassion for self and others in all forms of spirit. In the end, we are none of the characters we play out.  We are simply soul witnessing “self” in the game called life.  These external events are karmic payouts to finish unreconciled emotional issues and conflicts with others while working toward greater self-awareness and attainment.  Anything left unfinished has to be completed in another lifetime or another plane of existence. In the life review, the person gets the chance to look at people, places and events that are not complete and recreate another lifetime in another form to work these relationships through.  We come back repeatedly to complete old karmic agreements in order to come to a place of reconciliation, forgiveness and resolution. In the life review, we get an overall picture of where we are in our evolution and what is left to be resolved in order to achieve liberation, mastery and completion of the human karmic cycle.

Nothing is what it seems. We look through these eyes, but are not the lens. We interact with people and play out emotional patterns with our family, colleagues and friends. We experience daily life, but as a soul, we go beyond the game of life.  With conscious awareness, we have the opportunity to evaluate our choices and make constructive change while still in physical form.  Sometimes we can consciously interact with the karmic dept in order to quicken the process of karmic resolution.  Other parts of karma need to be played out and their requirement is based on instructions of integration of the soul’s purpose.  No one gets away from the lesson plan. We all have karmic payouts while in physical form.  Some of this is worked through on the earth plane and some of this is not.  Often what is left over is reconstructed for the next embodiment into life.  There is a hierarchy of evolutional attainment that each soul is required to aspire to.  These lessons are necessary for the soul to develop and rise in frequency. We have the opportunity right now to bear witness to our lives and deepen our understanding of our soul.

Life remains a “mystery” no one can fully understand.  Everyone has his or her own point of view.  The journey of “life and death” is unique to each of us.  However the intention toward deeper understanding is a worthwhile mission indeed.

“Within the eye of the mask, the walls become veils
Revealing the transparency and magic of a conscious life
And a conscious death.”

Shari Rhodes


“Purposely life and the understanding of life are complicated.
There is no edge we can see.
Like a spinning wheel the earth frame is underspun.
We return into life and other galactic places
Of important reference to resolve.
Hence the mechanism of life guarantees
Karmic layout and resolution, there is no mistake.

Humans don’t want to see those parts of themselves they are afraid of.
To question someone’s reasons or beliefs, surely this makes them live.
For the strong always survive,
And measure their weakness against themselves and each other.
Fear enables a human to be unconscious
But to be conscious, one can no longer be separate.

Built into the wheel of interdimensional sleep
An alert wakefulness is often never felt or believed,
It is the under spoken words that have meaning
In the silence of everything, all is known.”

Written by Robert Newby






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