By Shari Rhodes

In these current times of energetic amp up, intensification and acceleration, we are becoming increasingly sensitive to each other.  With the changes on the planetary magnetic grid lines and plates, due to increased light energies coming in, the vibrational shifts are intense. We are not only feeling more of our own emotional material and personal issues, but those around us as well. It is not easy walking in an earth body during these planetary changes.  The collective material on a conscious and super conscious level is full on.  Collective and personal issues from childhood, anger, abuse, frustration, and inner unresolved turmoil are surfacing to be healed, reconciled and cleared.  We are being pushed the clear the cupboard on a cellular level and are being challenged by our life experiences to face what is left to be released.  However with everyone’s emotional stuff coming to the top, we are picking up on each other. Even walking down the street, we can suddenly feel sad or upset just by picking up on someone next to us we may not even know.  Have you noticed the heavy congested energy in shopping malls, companies, buses, airplanes, grocery stores, movie theaters and other crowded places?  Often these structures are closed and there is no open circulation of energy. The collective energy becomes stagnant, heavy and blocked.  This can feel over loading and too much.  Also when people move into new homes, there can be remnants of the emotional detritus of the people living there beforehand and it is still stuck in the structure.  Sometimes couples issues can magnify if they are picking up on the vibrations of the earlier tenants.  If an energetic heaviness can be felt, it’s a good idea to have the house cleansed and cleared with smudging, incense or with professionals who know how to properly clear the structure and the land.  Sometimes when we feel vulnerable or down, our energy field can weaken, have ruptures, tears, and holes or be too close to our body.  With minimal protection and insulation, other energies can come through and bombard our mind and nervous system. 

Every aspect of life on the planet carries an energy frequency, an energetic pattern of vibration and molecular oscillation.  Each country, city street, church, shopping mall, business place and our homes carry the frequency of a certain energy tone or feeling.  Often the most intimate space of our bedrooms holds the energy of our personality, personal issues and emotional resonance of our nature.  Everything on the planet is alive and has its own unique energetic signature reflecting that aliveness of vibration. When we are open and receptive, we can become nourished and energized from a connection in nature.  However the reverse can be so as well.  When we walk into someone else’s house, we can pick up their emotional issues and upsets and wear them as our own.  The challenge is to be able to recognize what is their material and what is our own.  We can feel overloaded and bombarded by carrying too much emotional material. This is becoming an increasing concern for many people who are opening up and feeling more sensitive.  Often people will over analyze their emotional material, processing the issues of others or the planet thinking it is theirs personally.  It is challenging to differentiate the parameters of oneself and the environment around us.  It is easy to lose oneself and blend into the collective soup.  This is why it is important to spend quality time alone in nature, prayer, meditation and stillness incorporating deep breathing, exercise or yoga to strengthen that internal connection.

This protection issue becomes more complicated because sensitives can also pick up on outer dimensional energies and entities as well.  Disembodied souls or ghost who are still hanging around the outer peripheral edges of the earth plane who can not find their way home to the light or the next dimensional frequency can choose to attach onto our energy field in order to communicate, connect or use energy to fuel. Having any form of attachment can be draining as we often take on the emotional unresolved issues and karmic material of that disembodied entity as well.  Often these ghost need to be released from the energy field. They are feeling stuck and latch onto what was familiar to them while being alive such as their homes, families and communities and don’t know a way out. 

Often people in institutions or dealing with affective mood disorders such as depression, bipolar personality, borderline, generalized anxiety, schizophrenia etc, are susceptible to picking up on other energies and entities.  Many people dealing with depression can have more permeable boundaries, a more open energetic field or who feel a heavier density within themselves can unconsciously attach to themselves other life forms and attachments from other planetary systems or people around them.  This can become dangerous as the person can lose themselves to the voices or frequencies of these visitors who can take over their personality or body structure and think something is wrong with them or they are hearing voices.  An internal spin of negative thinking, panic, fear, aggressive behavior or self-flagellation can result.

 It is challenging to have a conversation with someone and pick up underneath his statements their feelings, but not expressing. Anything not owned or consciously recognized will be processed and felt by an acutely intuitive and sensitive person.  Everyone is doing the best they can to get by in life. It is not an easy journey especially in these turbulent times of change and transition toward the vibrational upliftment of the planet and awakening mass global consciousness.  However we all have to look after ourselves and try not to take everything around us on.  The spiritual path is no longer about retreating into monasteries or meditating on the mountaintop, but rather to participate in life, connecting with others and making a difference sharing our unique gifts and talents.  The challenge of soul growth is to find the middle path holding the connection to self-solid and steady amidst the turmoil and chaos around us.  This takes constant self-awareness, focus and dedication to keep tuning inward for guidance and direction. For sensitives, it’s about clearing oneself on a daily basis using the techniques necessary to come back to self in ones own energy.

We are all being challenged to wake up and grow, to evolve beyond who we think we are and what we think is true from our social, cultural, educational, religious and family conditioning. Nothing stays the same. We are being challenged to face ourselves and our perceptions representing safety, familiarity and security, and look deeper into our true essential core nature. This internal connection needs to be solidified in order to shield and protect ourselves from feeling bombarded by the collective.  We only have ourselves after all and we have to keep ourselves clear.  It is not our responsibility to carry the weight of the world. It’s too much pressure on the body.  We need to have the energetic space within ourselves to live our joy and passion from our own unique energy system to reflect that clarity of connection with self to others to encourage them to do the same.  Everyone has his or her own journey. It is not ours to take on even when we can feel their pain.  The most potent form of compassion is holding others in a place of humility, empathy and kindness honoring their right to learn and grow from their karmic lessons without the need to fix, take the issue on, rescue the person from their pain or doing the work for them.  Its about respecting and honoring where they are and recognizing that we are all in this together trying to find our way back home to ourselves in self love, understanding and forgiveness. Witnessing and holding the person with an open heart in acknowledgement gives them the permission to find their own answers and move more deeply within themselves.

So how do we protect ourselves in a dynamic and changing world of divergent energies that can feel overwhelming and full on?  There are many ways to protect ourselves. We can tune into nature, light incense, candles and sage, wash the energy off in a shower, say invocations asking all negative energies to be released to the light or see a shaman or practitioner that specializes in energy clearing.  We can also surround ourselves in a pyramid with a marble floor surrounded with light and with mirrors facing outward from the walls with a star on top to deflect negative or foreign energies outward.  We could visualize ourselves surrounded in metal armor or use protective crystals such as obsidian, Smokey quartz or hematite for added protection.  We can also visualize grounding cords coming through the bottom of our feet fastening to a golden rod in the centre of the earth releasing any dark energy into the earth or back to the light. We can also simply lie on the ground or next to a tree or the ocean and visualize any darkness in the body draining out of the feet until it turns into clear running water.  We could also ask “ that any negative energies, entities, blockages be cleared, released and transmuted to the light and then say, snapping fingers, acknowledge, release” three times.  If you know you will be in a crowd like a shopping mall, surround yourself in a bubble of white light or any color you choose the entire time you are there.  Be aware of people who are draining your battery and either use colored light for protection or remove yourself from the situation.  Being creative in any form of self-expression is a powerful way to release blocked or negative energy.  It’s all about loving and looking after ourselves.  We deserve to be strong and clear in our own energy so we can feel free to be ourselves and share our own unique light with the world.

Shari Rhodes has been an International Medical Intuitive Reader for the past twenty-five years.  She is now a citizen of both the United States and New Zealand.  Shari’s purpose is to support people to grow and move forward in a positive direction with greater clarity, self-empowerment and self-confidence.  She has offered readings, workshops and public talks internationally and continues to reach out to the public.  Shari is available for sessions in person or over the phone and for public talks in the community or at private functions.




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Shari Rhodes is an international Intuitive Reader who has been giving readings in
America, Australia and New Zealand for the past 25 years. Shari’s purpose is to support
people to grow and move forward in a positive direction with greater clarity,
selfempowerment and self-confidence. You can email Shari at
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