What is happening in our world?  With the increasing frequency of natural disasters, political discord and economic crisis, we question the validity of the predictions of Nostradomis, 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar.  We don’t want to buy into the fear of world annilation, (the end of life, as we know it). However Cataclysmic events are mounting. We are witnessing massive earth changes. Scientist are discovering great shifts in the planet’s structure, tectonics and magnetic plates.  The earth is rotating on its axis and changing position in relation to the sun.  There are concerns about global warming. The earth appears to be erupting from the inside, out. 

The earth is a living-breathing organism, not just solid rock. It has an energy frequency. It resonates. It’s not an inanimate platform to serve our material needs.  Mechanization, over population, technology, pollution, materialization, deforestation and drilling into the earth’s core all have added stress to the planet. We have over- pushed industry and urbanization, exhausting the natural resources of the planet.  There have been warning signs - global warming, increased structural tension on the fault lines, movement of the tectonic plates, erratic shifts in weather patterns, prolonged draughts and excessive flooding that have impacted the farming and dairy industries.  California and Australia have been plagued by out of control forest fires. Earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan have killed and injured thousands of people. Buildings have collapsed. There has been Contamination of radiation. Tsunamis have taken out entire cities. People have lost everything. In an instant, their homes, loved ones, jobs and communities gone.

We are impacted by the recession, rising petrol, rent and food prices. The cost of imparts and exports items have increased exponentially. We have seen political breakdown. Revolutions in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt and Fiji have erupted. Governments and political leaders have been over thrown, resulting in violence and anarchy.  The fight continues over power, money, domination and control.   We still see segregation and class structure.  We see conflict and judgment, racial, cultural and religious differences. Throughout history, wars continue. But why are we still fighting?   Why is it so difficult to accept our differences?  Does it have to be so complicated?  Why can’t we maintain a harmonized world order?

We have to ask ourselves, why is this happening? What are we learning? How am I contributing to this global mess?  What do I need to examine within myself to support global change? I think the earth reflects the macrocosmic index of human emotion. What we see in the world mirrors our beliefs and how we conduct ourselves. The outer turmoil reflects our own inner turmoil. These events challenge us to face each other and look at how we are treating the planet. We need to consider the impact we have- the consequences of our choices. So many of us are caught up in the microscopic lens of our own psychology (our own stories) and daily survival, we have lost sight of the larger picture.

Nature will always move towards balance.  The planet is exhausted, buckling under the pressures of a heavy load.  We have ignored the warning signs and have exploited her for our own needs. It is time to reconsider our choices, become more environmentally friendly and live more simply.  We need to respect our environment.  The earth is just as important as we are.  The elements of nature and all life forms are equally important.

These so called disasters have given us a gift, an opportunity to ask the deeper questions. These events such as the earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan have brought people closer together. They have opened people’s hearts in compassion and kindness. Many people, jobless or homeless themselves, have stepped forward and have offered a helping hand.  Governments, all over the world, have stepped in and assisted. The collective consciousness is starting to shift toward a greater sense of shared humanity, connection and generosity. Global consciousness is moving from the focus on self to the larger perspective of the collective.  It’s about recognizing humanity as a single unit, that we are not alone. We are in this together. We need to be there for each other, supporting our friends, neighbours and community, stepping outside our comfort zones and lending a helping hand.

I think energy patterns are being accelerated on the planet giving us a wake up call to become more conscious. It’s about clearing the decks.  We are being challenged to examine our emotional issues and patterns and make a change. It is easy to become complacent in familiar routines. However I think we are being pushed to raise our awareness and vibration and heal our wounds from the past. We need to take responsibility and come to terms with our angers, resentments and past hurts. It’s about letting go and not holding on to relationships and behavioral patterns that no longer serve.

We have the opportunity right now to be present and live fully in the moment.  Life is fragile.  As we see in the news, in a blink, everything could be gone. We can’t assume things will stay the same. They never do. As the earth is changing and shifting on her axis, we too must change. Life is energy. We are all impacted by the shared energy between us. It is our choice how we respond to global experiences. We can choose to become more open hearted and compassionate or cynical and embittered. The challenge becomes “how do I become a better person”? “What must I do to make a difference?”  “We all have our unique purpose. We must decide how we can most potently contribute. It is up to us to act. We are all part of the collective pattern. Each stitch impacts the structure of the whole. As links in a chain, we must all stand together. 

I don’t think these cataclysmic events mark the end of the world, but rather a “revolution in consciousness”.  The questions become:

Are we looking after each other or are we living in avoidance?

Are we listening to others or are we wrapped up in our story? 

Are we aware of the impact we have on the planet? 

Are we trusting our inner guidance and taking action? 

Are we living fully for today or our we too preoccupied with our own drama? Are we shut down or open in the heart?

Are we willing to connect?

Are we stepping up or are we hiding in fear?

 “Our lives touch other lives”.

“The light of hope pushes away the darkness.”

We all have a choice.

We have the gift of hope.





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