by Shari Rhodes

21 December 2015

How do we create peace in a world fraught in chaos? Where do we begin?

The World is as it is. The hologram is in place. People are playing out their learning contracts.  All shadings of human emotion are being expressed.  It is the responsibility of each soul to remember their true colours, the divine within themselves.  These severe play outs of war, terrorism, mass shootings, underground drug, oil and weapon cartels, profiteering and abuse of power, on a global and personal level, reflect this inner disconnection. 

“The macrocosm mirrors the microcosm”.  The individual’s emotional landscape is translated in personal choices and interactions with others. There is a sweep of negativity across the globe including domestic conflicts, religious and racial differences and the hunger for greed, power and control.

However through the chaos, there are many good things happening as well. For example, there are thousands of people marching for Greenpeace and anti-terrorism.  People are rising up and helping others in need. Some billionaires are donating massive amounts for fundraisers and charities.  People are coming together to rebuild Christchurch after the earthquakes. People are raising red flags to the toxicity of immunizations and other health hazards of some pharmaceutical medications. Many are raising awareness of social issues such as animal cruelty, the mistreatment of calves in dairy farming, racism, money-laundering, poverty, domestic violence, mental illness, drug addiction, police brutality, gun control, whaling, and dolphin hunts in Taiji japan.  

So what do we need to do to create peace in our world? Increasing peace on the planet involves making a choice to open our hearts, lend a hand, dig deep, and become present for others, recognizing our shared humanity.  We are all brothers and sisters in the divine plan. Thre is no division. No soul is less than or greater than another.  We all share this beautiful planet.  We all have a right to our unique point of view and place in the world. We are raised with our own foot print of cultural, religious familial and historical ethos. We are products of our upbringing, education, culture, family history and tradition.  We all have a right to stand for our personal truth. Diversity makes the world interesting and our value systems unique.  We need to remember there is still a lot of goodness in the world. We need to find it within ourselves and make a point to express acts of kindness and compassion daily, starting with ourselves and the person standing before us.  Life isn’t easy. We are constantly bombarded with external stimulus and challenges around our finances, health, relationships and other survival issues. No one is immune from the test in life.  It is up to us, regardless of past hurts, traumas and hardships, how we choose to walk in life. Moment to moment, there is opportunity to make a choice.  Do I drop in, listen, tune in to others or dwell only about myself and my own personal issues.  It is being conscious and aware, expanding the parameters of our personal world to be all inclusive, rather than subjective and insular. Peace starts at home. We need to examine our own behaviour with those we care about.  We need to ask, “How are we relating and treating our loved ones. Is there conflict, tension, violence, resentment, anger and hurt? If so, how is it impacting those around us, our loved ones, children, work colleagues, friendships, etc.?

Everything is connected. We have the opportunity to face ourselves in the mirror and begin to recognize where we are at “war” with ourselves. We can ask ourselves where we are not at peace and not self-loving. What old wounds am I still carrying from childhood or past/current relationships? Who do I need to come to terms with or for- give?  Any unresolved emotional wound, issue or upset we hold onto affects our emotional wellbeing, physiology,  DNA, cells, and not only creates disease and stagnancy, but can hold us back from being fully and authentically present.  Frequent self-assessment is important.  Awareness is key. When we are honest with ourselves, we can make change, choose another way. We can free ourselves from the baggage of the past and move forward. Only we can do this. It’s our choice and responsibility. No one can do the work for us. It’s about taking the blinders off and becoming aweness, free from self-deception, denial and drama. It is being willing to be open and vulnerable, removing the walls from the heart. We are all connected here on earth. Many of us are linked by our DNA connections to our ancestry we may not even know about.

We can’t expect the larger global events to shift until we go inside ourselves and begin to find peace and recognize that love is all there is. That is most important. Imagine a world where we are all living in love, harmony, cooperation, recognizing the beauty and goodness in each other. Imagine if we could see each other’s true soul. We would probably be blown away by their immense light and radiance.  It is about lifting the veil, raising our vibration and looking through a broader lense beyond subjective filters and judgement.  Listening inside ourselves, from a deeper knowing and intuition, we can drop beneath the linear, logical mind and feel the stirring of the heart, that still inner voice.  Many of us go so fast. We are so busy; running a million paces a minute. We get lost in the noise and frenetic activity, the stresses of life. We need to slow down and take time to ourselves, rebalance, breathe, listen, meditate, walk in nature, be still, and find the quietude of our own soul. 

We need to open to a deeper truth and accept that we may not know everything and we may not be in control. This is important because ultimately we are not in control. We are all following a deeper destiny path, our soul contract and most often, things happen for a reason beyond our comprehension, for our learning and growth.  Sometimes we just have to surrender let go, trust, follow the flow and listen and let our intuition guide us. We don’t have all the answers, certainly not through the egoic monkey mind. To find peace within means letting go of how we think life should be, releasing our judgements and expectations of ourselves and others, recognizing there is no right way or one way.

We all have an intrinsic right to our unique path. No one way is more important that another. We are all unique expressions of our soul’s imprint and it is our birth right to share our voice and gifts with the world.  We need to regard one another with respect, honouring difference and diversity. We are an eclectic race with lots of colours and together we can create beauty and peace on a global canvas. We all need the courage to follow our own passion and personal truth leading from the heart, knowing that the choice to love, be compassionate and kind is always the way home back to self, back to soul, that transcends space and time and linear objectivity, the only absolute and constant. It is the divine that breathes intrinsic life within us all; the deepest part of ourselves that only knows peace. A quote by John Lennon says it all:
“Peace is not something you wish for. It’s something you make. Something you do. Something you are. And something you give away.”
“The mind is a seductive jungle. Don’t be tempted to live outside the guiding light of the heart.”  Robert Newby



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