By Shari Rhodes

There are many interpretations of the concept of soul contracts. However as a medical intuitive reader, my understanding is that soul contracts are a blueprint to the soul. Prior to incarnation into physical form, a person designs a specific choreography of experiences, relationships and events that facilitate soul growth and self-awareness. The person decides which lessons need to be worked on and the most effective way to create scenarios and characters to resolve them.

The individual chooses certain people who have journeyed with them in past lifetimes to re-enact experiences to resolve issues such as abandonment, low self-esteem, purpose, illness or abuse. Feelings of synchronicity occur when two people just meet and there is a sense of familiarity, family or shared history. They sense the connection isn’t the first. People cycle around emotional issues stored on a cellular, DNA, organ and molecular level of the body. Until these issues are released on a physical level, the emotional patterns will continue to play out. People will design a soul contract involving illness, death or catastrophic challenge in order to clear past karmic relational patterns or to develop a deeper spiritual connection with self and others from the heart.

Life experiences are similar to an illusive hologram or game. It is like an intricately choreographed play or sequence of events and relationships enabling the person to come to terms with their authentic self, clean up unfinished business from the past in this lifetime or interdimensionally (past lives with unresolved emotional issues that need to be cleared.) Working through soul contract material is like cracking a code in a puzzle, trying to figure out what the key lessons are for a particular incarnation. There are no accidents. Every major experience and relationship is predetermined and pre-written before incarnation here. There is always free will and personal choice. However, if the material designed to be worked through is not resolved, then one must adhere to the original soul contract until it is complete. We are guided to these choreographed experiences and relationships that move us to the next level of our development.

There is a sense of correctness in our choices when we are aligned with what is guided for us. We can feel when we are steering off track by feeling blocked, stagnant or flat or an experience doesn’t feel appropriate. We get a sense of meaning and accomplishment when lessons are successfully cleared.

Since the year 2000, there has been an acceleration and intensification of planetary energies. With the adjustment and recalibration of energy on the magnetic grid lines on the planet, everything has been revved up. As a result, suppressed feelings that can no longer be stored in the body, rise to the top to be cleared. Many people are challenged with more intense material to work through such as cancer, death, accidents, and loss of security at home or work. Often issues are overlapping causing great distress. Many people are pushed to their limits and are being challenged to go deeper into the void inside themselves. They are being challenged to find deeper meaning and connection to their inner self and the divine. The “existential void” involving the loss of external structures representing security or identity of self, either lose meaning or the person feels lost, confused, disconnected and out of sorts.

The challenge then becomes to sit in that empty space with self and discover the authentic core without the face or mask of social identification and vocational roles. If the person chooses to sit in this empty space, a deepening can occur leading to the discovery of the true self, expanded intuition and deeper connection. Seeing beyond the surface, the hologram of life is recognized for what it is. A solid sense of self beyond the physical form can result. The purpose of the soul contract can be consciously accessed and interpreted. The person is then freer to choose to work in alignment from inner guidance without driving their energies from personal will. The person can ask internal questions and then recognize the appropriate action to take.

The interior journey of releasing attachment to physical form to define self involves surrender, trust, faith and commitment to adhering to a higher directive. The purpose of the soul contract is to bring the person back home to self in a co-creative dance with the divine and his higher self. Rather than viewing life challenges from a reactive emotional response, the person has the opportunity to choose to look deeper, resolve core issues, let go and simply be.

The point of our being is to evolve the soul as well as raise the vibrational frequency of the planet. Everything must move forward. Collectively, we are only as strong as the weakest link. When we can clear ourselves of our karmic material and remember who we are at source, we gain greater inner peace, compassion, humility and purpose. We affect everyone else on the chain. A shift in a single cell can affect the whole. We each have an indelibly important part to play in the evolution and upliftment of the planet. A microcosmic shift on a cellular level affects the macrocosmic whole and then everyone can move forward. Being on the planet with all these cataclysmic changes is a gift and an opportunity to make a difference, transform and reach our highest evolutionary potential. Each moment is precious. We never know what the next moment with bring. We each have the opportunity to make the most of it and be fully and authentically in the now.

The purpose of our lives is to return home to ourselves. When we can look in the mirror with self love, acceptance and forgiveness of our shortcomings and transgressions, acknowledging the beautiful light within, then we have come home. Manifestation can only fully occur in the physical world when we can stand in our power and love ourselves just as we are. Though experiences and relationships are choreographed on our soul contracts, we can only manifest the highest possibility of our potential with full self-love and entitlement. Often success is sabotaged when we don’t feel worthy of the best. A financial rollercoaster often reflects where we are not embracing ourselves and allowing ourselves to have the unlimited resources of the universe. The level of magnetic attraction often reflects where we are in consciousness and what we believe about ourselves.

The purpose of the soul contract is to have the same level of kindness and compassion toward ourselves that we do for others. It is easy to beat up and make ourselves wrong for our “so called” mistakes. But life is only a game of lessons. When we see this in perspective and realize we are larger than the physical picture and form, and then we can see more clearly our true magnificence and stand in that truth for everyone to see.


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