Ever since she was a child, Shari has had a unique ability to sense people and read their energy.  For over 30 years, Shari has developed a technique to support her clients to move through emotional blocks, wounds and childhood issues to find greater meaning and clarity.

*Clarification of medical concerns
*Healing of childhood issues and emotional patterns
*Greater intimacy, communication and clarity in relationships
*Healthier lifestyle choices
*Understanding your purpose, life direction and soul contract
*Support of bereavement and loss
*Heightened self awareness and understanding

Shari Rhodes is an International Intuitive Reader.  She is a citizen of the United States and New Zealand.  Shari offers readings, workshops, and public talks locally and internationally. Shari holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and has completed further study of Intuitive Development, clairvoyance, tarot and psychic readings, mediumship, and counselling, mediation, emotional release work and public speaking.

She publishes many articles on social issues and psychological development.  Shari supports people to move forward in a positive direction with greater clarity, self-empowerment and self-confidence. 

She is available for consultations over the phone or in person.

$75 half hour phone: 027-629-5469
$125 hour   Email:
$175 hour and a half  Website:

Cash or cheques accepted, as well as payment via PayPal. Arrangements must be received prior to the reading. All readings in person or over the phone are recorded. If there is a financial concern, please discuss this with me.

Available for Intuitive Readings at Titirangi Herbal Dispensary, 73 Cornwallis Road, Cornwallis
(15 minutes west of Titirangi) with Shari Rhodes and Robert Newby-Naturopath/Medical Herbalist
Phone 09-817-7102

"Within the eye behind the mask,
the walls become transparent veils,
revealing a transparency and magic
of a conscious life and a conscious death"