Intuitive Readings can be of assistance in the areas of:

Childhood repetitive patterns -Learn to break free of destructive patterns from childhood. Make new choices from a place of self empowerment and awareness rather than from old familiar paradigms that no longer serve.

Relationship issues - Resolve conflict, misunderstanding and resentment in your relationships with family members, co-workers or partners. Foster open communication and potential resolution of emotional or professional issues.

Body Symptoms and Disease - Gain a deeper understanding of the emotional and psychological aspects of body symptoms and disease and achieve greater self awareness and compassion for self.

Spiritual integration - This is an interactive process similar to Gestalt or voice dialogue. Read more

Bereavement - Learn to move through the grief process and the loss of loved ones, working through the emotional issues with greater acceptance, resolution and understanding, knowing you are not alone.

Accomplishing Goals - Discover your creative potential by moving through your resistances and edges, developing the courage, faith and clear action steps to follow your heartfelt dreams. Achieve greater self confidence and empowerment by examining and releasing self judgment and taming the "inner critic".

Clarification of Life Purpose - Align with your soul purpose and discover your own unique blueprint that only you can fulfill. Recognize it is safe to listen to your heart and follow your passions and dreams.

Inner Connectedness - Discover an inner place of stillness and peace connecting with a deeper sense of self and nature. Take the time to relax and self nurture. Its o.k. to create balance between being out in the world and going within.

  • Deepen your intuition and sense of inner knowing with a greater sense of safety and trust in yourself and the universe.
  • Achieve greater clarity on major life decisions and transitions, so you can move forward with greater ease and self confidence.
  • Learn to say "No" to the things you don't want and develop a stronger sense of boundaries, limits and protection, honoring your own personal needs and wishes.
  • Recognize it is safe to express your feelings, speak your truth and ask for what you need.
  • Ignite your passion in your creativity, sexuality and relationships and reclaim your full self expression, knowing it's your birthright to be all of who you are.
  • Recognize you are a beautiful person worthy of having a wonderful life of your choosing and that only you are responsible for your choices.

Shari is an amazing intuitive reader. With her reading, she helped me see a key block to my inner growth. She also gave me very practical tips to heal the emotional wounding.
10 July 2013

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